Many people during the course of their lives, have experienced moments that remain imprinted on what I like to call our photographic senses. We often catch glimpses of pictures and visuals that help reawaken the images in our mind. Even though each one of us views a picture differently, for some it can help rekindle and bring back to life a special moment or at least give shape to a future journey. My images have captured milliseconds of life and hopefully will give the viewer a feeling of breathing along with me. I was brought up to pursue my dreams, and work hard towards my goal- which has always been in education.

While pursuing my B.S. degree, I chose to take photography 101 as an elective, never thinking it would change the way I viewed life. Through a great instructor, and hours of trial and error, I was able to gain experience in the darkroom. With this strong foundation, the way I viewed the world was forever changed.